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The Courtyard


1. The Courtyard – Clarence


This place is an absolute gem. They are a bakery as well as a restaurant and you can see from the first that they love their food, they treat it well and the results are fantastic!

They have a fantastic menu where I can guarantee you that they only meal you won’t like, is something you are physically allergic to. They bake all their croissants, breads etc. themselves, and they do it properly. Real sourdough bread, fantastic rich, buttery croissants and of course stunning cakes, pies, quiches, rolls, cookies, rusks and tarts!

They are also consistent. They have consistently great food, and fantastic service. You can of course buy a lot of the breads etc. and take them home as well. So it is like going shopping for artisan breads, pates, cakes, tarts and spreads while having a fantastic breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Their prices are also reasonable, and you leave with the feeling of being looked after like a treasured old friend. They also run a guesthouse which is as great as the restaurant. Everything is beautiful and you are visually as pleased as you are gastronomically.

The Courtyard is high on my list of greatness, and gets a 10/10 for everything. Food, décor, service, the works.