Bagna Cauda


bagna cauda 1♥ This is a warm vegetable dip called Bagna Cauda.
I ate this for the first time at an ex-boyfriend’s house when his mom made it for his 21st. I fell in love with the dish immediately, and over the years have been researching recipes and perfecting my own version of it. It is such a sure way to get people to eat raw vegetables. I even ate raw broccoli! 😉

Be sure to serve it with a warm, fresh bread. Also, since most people don’t like a meal without meat, I sometimes make a steak and cut in into strips for those that want it. ( I can hear the men say AMEN!)

This dish always works best if you keep it in a hot plug in pan thing, and dish it out in small quantitites as you need it.

So here it is, with lots of love ♥

1/2 cup peeled, crushed garlic
1/5 cup olive oil
500g butter
1 tin capers
1 tin anchovy fillets
250ml double cream

1. Using a mortar and pestle, crush the garlic and the olive oil to form a paste
2. Cook this paste over a low heat
3. Add the butter
4. Add the capers and anchovies – cook until the anchovies start melting
5. Add the cream, bring to almost boil (just bubbling) and serve

*Tip: If you are sensitive to the garlic smell, soak your garlic in whole milk for at least an hour before you use it. This will remove a lot of the garlic smell.


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