All these recipes are my own and is made with love. I try to incorporate as many flavours as I can without being ridiculous. I also try to break the mould of the norm a little bit.

Food is such an important aspect of our lives. Without it we would literally die. I believe that from years of eating all kinds of processed foods and bad food, that our palettes are underdeveloped. We are disconnected from real food. I am also learning new things every day, and that is one of the things I truelly love about cooking and baking. The possibilities are endless.


Main meals:


1.Flambeed mixed mushroom pasta

Mushroom Pasta

2. Fancy mac and cheese

Mac and cheese

3. Perfect Pasta

Perfect Pasta

With meat:

1. Stroganoff


2. Mediterranean pasta

Mediteranean Pasta

3. Gourmet beef burger


4. It’s a chicken wrap


5. Bobotie


6. Alfredo


7. Chilli con carne

Chilli con carne

8. A la Mama-Spaghetti Bolognese

Spag bol

9. Loewen koettel-Spaghetti Meatballs

Loewen Koettel


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