Welcome to my kitchen.

There is nothing I love more than making a fantastic meal, and seeing others enjoy it. The whole process is thrilling for me. From choosing the recipes, buying the products, making the food, setting the table and having friends over.

Experimenting with food is something that is very close to my heart. There is nothing more boring than a plate of humdrum food. For me, a plate needs to have colour, vibrancy and must be made with fresh produce.

Most of my childhood’s happiest moments are in a kitchen or around a table eating delicious food. Whether it is my grandmother’s kitchen, my mother’s or another family member’s, all memories are treasured and can at any time bring a smile to my face.

My grandmother’s sister said just before she died, that she remembers her brother saying that his greatest regret in life was not eating good food all the time. She remembered it because it was her regret as well. This will not be a regret I have!

I hope that you will find some inspiration here and that my love for good food communicates to you via my recipes.

Bon Appetit!



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