It is always a luxury to have someone else cook for you. We love eating out, but have also come to a stage where we won’t order in a restaurant what we know we make well at home. There are some recipes that you have perfected over the years, so it is almost always a let down when you order it from someone else’s kitchen.

Of course, there are fantastic gourmet chefs where you order exactly what you do make often and well, just to get a new perspective on it. Sometimes it is so good you feel like being fly on the wall of the kitchen (an invisible fly, otherwise you will be killed in 0.3 seconds) just to see how they do it, other times you are disappointed because they experimented too much with the recipe, and it isn’t even recognisable as the dish it originally was. One example I remember of that, is a Malva pudding I ate in a fantastic restaurant, but they made it too fancy. Rooibos Ice cream and a very bland Malva bit… I wasn’t very happy with this. Malva pudding is supposed to be sweet and sticky, but this one wasn’t. I had to resist the urge to sprinkle sugar on it and glaze it with my lighter… Just to do something with it!

So here are some of the places we have been. Some of them are great, some not so hot. As are all places.
If you have been to any of these places and have a difference of opinion, or a comment, or anything, please post it! Would love to see what you think.

Eastern Free State


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