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Here are some of our market photos. We have only started doing markets this year and it is a great experience. I love that I can make food for people that then come back and say that they really loved it. I change the menu often, so that there are new things to try all the time.

Going to the first market was a daunting experience for me. Having never done it before, and only having cooked for people that love me, it was scary. My biggest fear was that someone takes a bite, and spits it out…

That, thank God, didn’t happen. People came back with compliments!

Also the prep work and the stuff we have to take with drove my poor hubby mad. I would’ve packed an extra set of clothes if he let me… I was so afraid I would need something and then I am stuck if I don’t have it.

We have since done our second market, and will be doing our third this weekend. The menu will be different this week, and I am hoping to please many more palates!


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